About Us

Choosing a Playgroup for your child is a big decision and whether you have already joined us at Upton St Leonards Playgroup, or have just started looking into the idea, we welcome you, and hope you find this website useful. If you need any more help please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Upton St Leonards Playgroup is a charity run organisation. All income received from either fees or funding is retained by the playgroup to cover staff wages, equipment and resources.

It is a friendly, village Playgroup that caters for children from 2 years old  who are eligible to start the term after their 2nd birthday. We are situated in Upton St Leonards Village Hall with sessions running Monday to Friday.

The Upton St Leonards Village Hall is bright, spacious and centrally heated. There are some great facilities open to us including special toilets for the children, a kitchen for cookery, and a fenced outside play area. We have a large range of play equipment which is constantly updated and added to.

Our Playgroup leader is Nicki Nolloth. Nicki is a parent, just like you, so understands the everyday pressures of entertaining a pre-school child. She is assisted by a team of Early Years Educators, many of whom sent their children to our setting!  (see ‘Meet the Staff’ page), volunteers and parent helpers.

Aims of our Playgroup

The main aim of our Playgroup is to provide a safe, secure, clean environment for your child to learn and develop through play.  It is an ideal opportunity for your child to become a little more independent by being away from his/her parents for a set time.  It also provides an excellent opportunity to develop good social skills through interaction and play with other children of a similar age.  We want Playgroup to be a fun place for the children but, at the same time, start preparing them for the transition to school.  At Upton St Leonards Playgroup we run two different sessions, playgroup and pre-school.  Each of these sessions have a slightly different aim depending on the age of the child.

Full details are available in our current prospectus.
Prospectus 2017-2018.docx

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